Wooster earns Best 389 Colleges distinction from Princeton Review

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69堂精品 was selected again this year as one of the nation鈥檚 top schools by The Princeton Review in its guidebook,听. The Princeton Review uses surveys of 165,000 students from across the country attending the 389 colleges to make their distinctions. Wooster was also selected for the 鈥淏est Value Colleges,鈥 鈥淏est Midwest,鈥 and 鈥淕reen Colleges鈥 lists.

While the听guidebook does not rank the schools 1-389, it includes several ranking lists of the top 25 colleges in specific categories based on students鈥 answers to several questions. The听听and full list of rankings and lists for the College, including a No. 2 endorsement of Wooster鈥檚 faculty as 鈥淢ost Accessible Professors,鈥 is available in the on , and a full list of the categories for which the College was selected appears below. Wooster was recognized as the only private school in Ohio on the top 20 lists for Internships and Making an Impact.

  • Most Accessible Professors 鈥 No. 2
  • Best Classroom Experience 鈥 No. 19
  • Lots of Race/Class Interaction 鈥 No. 17
  • Best Science Lab Facilities 鈥 No. 8
  • Most Liberal Students 鈥 No. 18
  • Best College Library 鈥 No. 25
  • Top 20 Best Schools for Internships (Private Schools) 鈥 14
  • Top 20 Best Schools for Making an Impact (Private Schools) 鈥 11

The Best 389 Colleges: 2024 Edition. The Princeton Review According to the book鈥檚 editors at The Princeton Review, 鈥渕entoring is a huge focal point of Wooster鈥檚 academics and the 鈥榬esources are endless鈥 for those looking to take advantage of things like 鈥榥umerous opportunities for research and internships鈥欌濃攁 nod to Wooster鈥檚 emphasis in听experiential learning. Students at Wooster surveyed noted the听Independent Study听program as the highlight of the undergraduate experience, saying the school 鈥渢eaches research and how to apply skills learned to the outside world.鈥 The publication added, 鈥淭his 鈥榲ery open school鈥 challenges its students to succeed both in and out of the classroom, and 鈥榯he staff pushes [the college] to change with the times in the classroom and around the campus.鈥欌

The No. 2 ranking in accessibility for Wooster鈥檚 professors recognizes their commitment to student support and success, with one student saying the faculty-student relationship is 鈥渨hat makes Wooster such an incredible place. My professors, both past and present, know more than just my name.鈥 Another added, 鈥淢y success is a product of my professors鈥 enthusiasm toward their subject matter and our futures.鈥 While students acknowledged the work may be 鈥渃hallenging,鈥 they also noted that 鈥減lenty of help is available from professors, TAs, and peer tutoring.鈥 The publication also stressed, 鈥淭he institution is also aware of the effort that students must put in to have success and 鈥榠s realistic in its expectations for students鈥 learning.鈥 As one student best sums it up, 鈥榃ooster is a community of learners working together to help one another reach their full potential and goals,鈥欌 quoting student comments.

Wooster鈥檚 鈥渇antastic student body鈥 was called the 鈥渓ife force of the school.鈥 Students surveyed mentioned the range of people who make up the 鈥渦nparalleled鈥 community and emphasized that students are 鈥渧ery accepting of different personalities, beliefs, and ways of life.鈥 Campus life is another important factor in Princeton Review鈥檚 assessment of a college, and students noted the variety of hot spots on campus for socializing and special events with comedians, speakers, and professional music artists. As noted above, Princeton Review鈥檚 editors recognized Wooster as No. 17 in their top 25 category, 鈥淟ots of Race/Class Interaction,鈥 defined based on how strongly students agree or disagree with the statement 鈥淒ifferent types of students (black/white, rich/poor) interact freely and easily.鈥 The recognition acknowledges Wooster鈥檚 commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and shows how frequently diverse students with varying socioeconomic backgrounds engage with each other on campus. They also mentioned how students are involved in a variety of sports, clubs, music ensembles and groups, and other activities that suit their interests and find many ways to celebrate school pride and Scot spirit.

The Best 389 Colleges is one of more than 150 Princeton Review books in a published by Penguin Random House. The annual book and its rankings have been featured on NBC鈥檚 TODAY more than two dozen times and referenced by many other media from NPR to The Wall Street Journal and The Chronicle of Higher Education. is an education services company known for its tutoring, test-prep, admission services, books, and other learning resources. Headquartered in New York City, New York, it is not affiliated with Princeton University.

Posted in News on August 15, 2023.